Catching Up To Do?

Sorry Lovelies!

It’s been awhile and I really haven’t posted, but a lot has been going on! Some of my exciting encounters have included resume´s and pageants and trips, oh my! I promise I will have posts up detailing these marvelous misadventures, but for now, I just wanted to let you know that I am here, and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

Stay Spirited!


The End…. (Or Just the Beginning?!)

So, it’s official. Today was my last day as a high school student. It’s hard to believe that 13 years of school is over already. Where does the time go? (They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I highly doubt that that was why it went so fast.) Now comes the big leagues–college. I mean true, I have an exciting summer in store, or at least that’s the plan, but let’s be real; the idea of independence and living on my own is a tad bit exciting! ….And terrifying; let’s not forget anxiety-inducing, and boy does it make you feel old!

Really though-this time of year is just a big ball of emotions for everyone, especially us. How do you deal with a flurry of emotions that could challenge even the Snowpocalypse?  That’s a question for you to answer on your own. In my case, choreographing and dancing, reading, and, of course, blogging.

Speaking of, this blog is supposed to be the journal, so-to-speak, of a girl who is a soon-to-be college girl. Collegette, if you will. So, how about we just go over some of the emotions I’m feeling and hope all you gals out there feel the same way? I’m sure it’s all totally normal. Right? Right?


Let’s start with the main one-EXCITEMENT. I want to shout it from the rooftops: Hello world! I am a college student now! No more dumb high school drama for me! I get to live my own life and do what I want! Of course it’s exciting, and if you aren’t even the tad bit excited…well, I’m sorry you don’t get this amazing feeling. It’s like something waiting just on the horizon. A Fresh Start.

Another big one-ANXIETY. Can I do this? Am I ready for life on my own? What if I don’t make it? What if I let everyone down?  Getting ready to face life on your own is intimidating and scary. It can make you doubt yourself but it can also show you how independent you can be. Just remember to take a deep breath, and don’t let it absorb you. Turn all that doubt into excitement-trust me, it helps.

Most of the other emotions I have been feeling have been variations of these, but there is one other one that has really been hard-SADNESS. Don’t get me wrong; I am pumped for college, and ready for the change of scenery. But there’s also a bittersweet tinge. I am leaving behind friends, family, an amazing boyfriend, and childhood in general. I’m not truly leaving them behind-I’m only an hour or so away, and we will always be there for each other-but at the same time, I am moving on and starting a chapter of my own. I am no longer a character in someone else’s story. This is where life begins. And it does have its sad side, especially if you come from a close-knit family like mine.

We all go through some crazy emotions around this time, but ultimately they all pretty much fit into one of these three groups, and they are all completely normal. I promise. How are all you gals out there starting to feel about going to college? Let me know!:)

Stay Spirited!


Confidence is Key

Confidence is key.

As young women (and men) growing up in today’s society, we hear this daily. Men like a woman who is confident, women like a man who is confident. We want to appear confident so others don’t doubt us, even though deep down, we doubt ourselves. Ironically, it seems the more confident a person appears to be, the less confident they truly are. But in a culture that says “be yourself” then gives us guidelines on how “yourself” should look and act, how do we find it in us to be truly and genuinely confident in ourselves?

As you all know, I am about to graduate high school. In a little over a week I will no longer be a high school student. And I have had my share of boyfriends, long-term and short-term, and dealt with my share of insecurity due to said boyfriends. I believed I got lucky with the boy I’m with now; and in all reality, given the pool of possible candidates to choose from at my school, I really did. Until I started to realize he didn’t know me. Now that summer is coming and I’m getting ready to leave the small town I’ve lived in for as long as I can remember, I’m starting to change. Some changes were intentional–I cut my bangs and am starting to try and go without makeup more often–but others were not.  While discussing these changes with my significant other, he said my personality was changing slightly as well. “Quirky” was the word he used. I couldn’t understand what he meant; I didn’t feel like I was changing, nor did I understand why quirky was a bad thing. That’s just who I’ve always been.

Then I realized it: That’s just who I’ve always been. I’ve always been this quirky, nerdy (and let’s admit it-slightly socially awkward) girl inside. But the outside has shown differently; and now that I’m finally feeling able to be that quirky girl, I’m no longer the girl he’s known so far.

This boy told me he wanted confidence…yet when I finally took steps to become confident in the real, quirky me, I got told to put back up the facade I was finally tearing down. So, when you’re set up to lose, how can you possibly win?

There is only one answer-don’t let anyone set you up, period. Basing your level of self-confidence on others is, pardon my french, bullshit. Because no matter what, there will be something about you someone doesn’t like, and the minute you fix that, they will find something else. It took me years to finally realize it-and the sooner you start to rely on yourself to see all the great qualities you have, the better.

Just a little reminder that you’re great no matter what anyone says, because Lord knows we all need a nudge every now and again.

Stay Spirited-


The Beginning

Ah yes, the Beginning. Well, in this story, you’d think the beginning is where I’m at now. I have 7 days of high school left. That means in 7 days, 13 years of school will be over. And while it is hard to believe, I also can’t wait. Like they say, closing one door allows you to open another. I want this summer to be one to remember!

All of my escapades throughout the next four years will take place at one of two places: my home, or the beautiful Butler University campus in Indianapolis. During the summer, chances are I will be lounging about my house, or at a Starbucks using free wi-fi and drinking an iced mocha-no whipped cream. However, come fall, I am an official Butler Bulldog and will be writing from my dorm room (or the on-campus Starbucks, drinking-you guessed it-an iced mocha, hold the whipped cream.). I am absolutely ready, and even have a countdown going until move-in day on August 22nd! My roommate has been great so far, and we get along very well. We have started discussing decor and all the things roommates who will become besties discuss-movie nights, sharing clothes, and party schedules.

Parties. For some girls out there, college can be scary for lots of reasons, and this is one. I’ve never done drugs, the only drink I’ve had was a sip of wine my dad let me have about a year ago-it was disgusting-and I’m still a virgin. And going into a place where you’re going to be on your own is scary when you’re still new to all that. Now, does that necessarily mean I plan on doing it all any time soon? Not necessarily. It may, however, make me the designated driver for the next couple of years. But that’s something we’ll talk about later!

So now you know some more general information about me-including what I drink at Starbucks. Which means any of you who may be on campus with me next year, don’t be afraid to coming knocking on my door with a mocha!

Stay Spirited!


Hannah here!

Hey there!

I’m Hannah, an 18-year-old girl about to transition from life in Smalltown, USA to life in the city–a whole new world. I’m facing the summer before my first year of college and right now, it seems like the world is at my fingertips (Who knows? Maybe it is!). I’m new to this whole college thing. Life on my own, and finally being recognized as an adult, seems a tad bit more intimidating than it did when I actually wanted to grow up.

I want to write this blog because I know there are girls out there, like me, who are getting ready to face the spectacle that is college. I hope that by posting my experiences as a Collegette (That’s right-Collegette!), I can help ease the worry that comes with a new phase of life.

So, with that being said, we’ll start from the beginning!

Stay Spirited-